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Hello there! I'm Pawanjot Kaur. I am an independent journalist, media content producer, and filmmaker with a background of 8 years in the industry.


My work has been published by reputable Indian and international media publications, including Himal Southasian, The Wire, and DW. 

Currently, I am a Pulitzer Center 2023 Grantee, directing an independent documentary film featuring ongoing grassroots solutions to achieve a just energy transition in the coal-dependent state of Jharkhand. I am producing this film in collaboration with Financial Times, London.


I am a One World Media 2022 Fellow and a Earth Journalism Network  2021 grantee. My expertise lies in field production and research, allowing me to bring compelling stories to life.

I have had the experience of collaborating with international documentary filmmakers, taking on various roles within film crews. I have served as an assistant video editor for the film Watch Over Me and as a field producer for the film Aazadi (Freedom).

 In addition to filmmaking and journalism, I provide media content production services to various institutions in the social development sector. This involves conceptualising, producing and directing impact films, brand promotion content and event documentations. My clientele includes Newsworthy Studio, National Foundation For India, Socratus Foundation, Land Conflict Watch, and Purpose.

Over the last eight years, I have made many friends and alliances in the industry that keep me going in what I do. I have found a community in, and I'm a member of, Open Door Docs, The Reporters' Collective, Bitchitra Collective and Network of Women in Media. 


I am deeply passionate about the work I do and am particularly drawn to stories from the heart. I am always excited to collaborate with like-minded journalists and documentarians, especially women who share the commitment of keeping public-interest at the centre of their work. 

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