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journalism, film & video

Pawanjot Kaur is a versatile storyteller with a background in  journalism, video production, and documentary filmmaking. With 9 years in media, she has contributed to various International publications including Financial Times, AlJazeera, DW, Himal Southasian and The Wire,  focusing on topics of climate, labor, gender, and social justice.


She has recently directed an observational documentary to tell the story of three people from the coal-dependent Indian state of Jharkhand offering a deep exploration of community-driven initiatives aimed at a fair energy transition in the region. The film is available here to watch for free. 

In 2021, she directed a documentary on the health impacts of climate change among fisherwomen in coastal Bengal, winning the Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Promoting Gender Sensitivity for the story in 2023. She has worked alongside global filmmakers as video editor, field producer and production coordinator.

As a video production enthusiast, she specialises in crafting compelling visual narratives strengthening the story and impact of brands and organisations she collaborates with. From scripting to editing, she brings ideas to life, ensuring each frame tells a captivating story. She has freelanced with various clients in the social sector and media including Newsworthy Studio, National Foundation For India, SEWA BharatSocratus Foundation, Land Conflict Watch, and Purpose.


Her affiliations include One World Media (Fellow), Earth Journalism Network, Open Door Docs, The Reporters' Collective, Bitchitra Collective, and Network of Women in Media.

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